Introducing SyncAPI 1.0 : Get HPC capability instantly

Syncious is excited to announce release of SyncAPI 1.0 for users willing to add HPC capability in their applications. It allows instant connect from an application to HPC cluster. This HPC cluster can be deployed on public cloud or on-premise. SyncAPI significantly reduces time to market of HPC compatible applications.

What is SyncAPI?
It is a RESTful API provided by Syncious. It provides REST API functions for using and managing HPC deployments. SyncAPI can be used to deploy, manage and use HPC clusters.

Who should use SyncAPI?
Any software application vendor or developer who wishes to use HPC capability finds SyncAPI extremely useful. Users of SyncAPI can build custom application, web app or command line interface (CLI) for managing HPC deployment.

1. Instant access to HPC deployments.
2. SyncAPI library is light weight, efficient and easy to use.
3. Reduces time to market.
4. Minimizes engineering efforts.

User should install SyncAPI on a machine connected to SQL database. This machine acts as a REST API server. User’s own application can communicate with SyncAPI server using REST APIs.

Example High Level Architecture of SyncAPI infrastructure:


Syncious has developed a reference implementation of REST API client : “SyncHPC” shell. It connects to the SyncAPI server and performs HPC operations.

Below are the commands provided by SyncHPC shell:

SyncHPC command examples:

Start SyncHPC shell with user authenticationauthnew

Now, user can execute any of the available commands on SyncHPC. E.g. to scale up or scale down HPC cluster in cloud use following example:

Here, user is scaling HPC cluster with deployment name ‘rushidep’.


Users can submit, monitor or cancel jobs on HPC cluster using SyncHPC. In below example, user has created a input parameter file to submit a job. The ‘test.txt’ file contains all required parameters like number of CPU cores, input data location, job priority, etc.

Users can get information of a specific job and its status using command ‘GetJobInfo’:


Please write us at to get access and more details of SyncAPI library.


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