ANSYS Mechanical performance on SyncHPC

Syncious team executed standard ANSYS Mechanical benchmarks on Syncious cloud platform (SyncHPC). Please find results below.

Note: The graphs are plotted against ‘Solver Rating’.

Solver Rating = 86400/solution time.

Hence, higher the solver rating means better performance.

Each problem was solved on 16, 32, 64 and 128 CPU cores. Please note that below examples are standard benchmark problems provided by ANSYS. Also, they are run for fixed number of iterations. This will help you to compare performance of SyncHPC cloud platform with other hardware vendors from ANSYS mechanical benchmarks.

1. Power Supply Module (V19cg-1)

Steady state thermal analysis of a power supply module:


2. Tractor Rear Axle (V19cg-2)

Static structural analysis of a farm tractor rear axle assembly:


3. Engine Block (V19cg-3)

Static structural analysis of an engine block without the internal components:


4. Gear Box (V19ln-1)

Modal analysis of a transmission housing without the internal components:


5. Speaker (V19sp-3)

Harmonic structural analysis of a speaker and it’s surroundings:


6. Turbine (V19sp-4)

Static nonlinear structural analysis of a turbine blade as found in aircraft engines:


7. BGA (V19sp-5)

Transient nonlinear structural analysis of a electronic ball grid array:


These results help ANSYS Mechanical users to predict the possible performance gain from SyncHPC platform.