Ansys Fluent, CFX on SyncHPC

Engineering teams of manufacturing industry use simulation products like Ansys Fluent. Many times such tools need HPC clusters to run simulations.

Organizations try to solve two important aspects of HPC:

  1. Management of HPC clusters
  2. Simplify end-user HPC workflows.

Recently, Syncious released a feature to submit Ansys Fluent and CFX jobs from SyncHPC user interface. This simplifies process of running Ansys simulation jobs on HPC cluster.

Let’s go through the process of submitting Ansys Fluent job on SyncHPC.

  1. Select Ansys-Fluent application in ‘Job-submit’ section of SyncHPC.


2. Provide Job specific inputs:

  • User defined prefix for the job name
  • Output file for monitoring logs
  • Number of cores to run this job
  • Priority of the job


3. Enter Fluent Input and Output Case and Data files to run simulation. Users can browse the files from either ‘SyncStore’ or from ‘WorkStore’.


4. If journal file is not selected in previous window, then users will be asked to enter fluent Simulation specific settings like Dimension (2D/3D), Precision and Simulation type (Steady/Unsteady), etc.


5. Review Summary and Submit Job: At the end of this wizard, user can review all input parameters and then submit job on HPC cluster.


User can monitor the progress of simulation by continuously tracking output files. He/She can also access the Desktop, Working Directory of HPC cluster node by clicking ‘View Workspace’.

User can submit Ansys CFX job using similar options provided on SyncHPC. Overall this feature improves productivity of end-user and minimizes errors introduced while manually submitting jobs in complex HPC clusters.

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