LS-DYNA Simulations With SyncHPC

SyncHPC’ platform helps users to deploy, manage and utilize their Public Cloud Clusters from any Cloud Service Providers like Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and many more. It also allows users to run multiple CAE applications with required HPC and workstation configuration from cloud.

Let’s check out an example with LS-DYNA:

This blog post describes the performance of ‘LS-DYNA’ on SyncHPC. It also briefly describes the end-user workflow of running ‘LS-DYNA’ application on this platform. SyncHPC Team executed various tests on cloud based scalable HPC. Interestingly, performance of the selected problems improved almost linearly as the number of CPU cores are increased.


  1. SyncHPC is configured to run LS-DYNA application
  2. User has LS-DYNA license tokens for the required number of CPU Cores to be used in cloud.

Check out following demonstrated video:


1. User selects LS-DYNA application from multiple Applications and click on the ‘Create’ button.

2. After clicking the ‘Create’ button, user get a wizard to submit application problem. Users provide basic inputs like Job name, number of CPU Cores in the wizard.

3. This completes all the inputs required for the simulation of application. Now, users can start simulation and monitor the output of simulation on SyncHPC.

SyncHPC platform provides a simplified simulation workflow for cloud HPC. Also, users can take benefit of unlimited cloud scalability for linear performance improvement of LS-DYNA simulations.

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