SyncHPC: A Multi-Cloud HPC Hosting Platform

Researchers and makers perform big computing projects on their premises using High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Still, many of them face challenges because of limited on-premise capacity. Hence, many organizations prefer cloud-HPC. Organizations select one or more cloud-provider(s) based on price, location and other intangible items mentioned below.

Cloud-providers like Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are expanding and improving their HPC capability day-by-day with the latest technology and hardware configuration.

Multi-cloud deployments bring new challenges like educating users, security, data transfers, performance tuning, different admin controls, cost accounting, etc. This increases complexity. Hence, it is beneficial to have a single platform to connect any cloud-provider. A platform like SyncHPC helps organizations to manage multi-cloud HPC setups with uniform experience. SyncHPC helps to manage, deploy and use HPC systems in cloud.

SyncHPC can deploy HPC from many public cloud resources to run complex applications. It allows users to match unique HPC need for a project by running multiple applications with job-scheduling, automatic scale-up/down and enterprise-class security. It also provides a complete ownership of the system.

Syncious Systems is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization. Security has always been of prime importance in our product development and operational processes.

Check our YouTube Channel for more details: ‘Syncious Systems

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