SyncHPC: Cloud HPC Platform

SyncHPC by Syncious is a platform to deploy turn-key HPC on Microsoft cloud (Azure), Amazon Web Services, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, etc. Some of the key applications supported by SyncHPC are Ansys, CONVERGE CFD, OpenFOAM, Star-CCM+, Abaqus, LS-Dyna, etc.

SyncHPC provides:

SyncHPC: Multi-Cloud HPC Hosting Platform

As SyncHPC is a web browser-based application, users can start using and submitting HPC jobs from day-1. High level architecture of HPC solutions is shown in following figure:

SyncHPC Architecture

SyncHPC data management:

Please note that most of the steps are done ‘automatically’ by SyncHPC. Users can understand this basic workflow to effectively utilize SyncHPC.

System Performance tuning:

Syncious technical team help end-user to deploy the system as per their requirement to perform jobs. It helps users to achieve the expected results in an effective time. End-users can select the number of cores, application, and input files to submit a job on HPC very handily.

Job Scheduling and Monitoring:

SyncHPC allows users to monitor their job and, provide job scheduling option to increase productivity. This helps eliminate the lag times when compared to doing it manually.

With the help of Graphs, Admin or management team can observe the workflow.

User Management:

SyncHPC helps to give an authority to allocate specific job task or permission to specific users. Admin can monitor users’ job and manage their account. Every user having their User ID and Password to access his account.

Security / Compliance Considerations:

  1. SyncHPC has received Service Organization Controls (TUV NORD ISO/IEC 27001:2013) report for ‘security, ‘availability’ and ‘confidentiality’.
  2. The firewall will be established at cloud deployment.
  3. Storage data can only be accessed from user’s premises and cloud machines dedicated to the organization’s Users.
  4. Data transfer and Data at rest (stored) will be encrypted with industry-standard protocols (AES256 and SSL).  
  5. Syncious will provide a VAPT report of cloud VMs and SyncHPC web application. It will be run every 6 months and a report will be submitted.
  6. Syncious has a partnership agreement with its cloud vendor along there will be an NDA with the cloud CSP distributor vendor.
  7. Alert notifications on high usage of Azure resources like Computation and Storage will be sent to Administrators. An Email-notification is sent for significant activities (like Job Submit/Cancel) are sent to specified email addresses.

By following enterprise-class security guidelines, Syncious offer such an HPC hosting platform to reduce the effort of end-users and help to increase productivity.

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