‘SyncVDI’ – Remote Visualisation for CAD/CAE Workflow

The aim of the R&D team is to perform complex computing projects using high-end workstations. Organisations spend a good amount of CAPEx and resources to maintain these high-end workstations for the users. Due to cost and maintenance challenges, there is a significant need to optimize the usage of workstations per user.

Some of the challenges faced by organizations are:

  1. Teams have specific requirements for the type of workstations based on applications and project needs. Also, these requirements keep on changing.
  2. The management needs a centralized dashboard for summary/reports of workstation usage based on various parameters like GPU, CPU, RAM, etc.
  3. If possible organizations want to optimize the usage of workstations to save cost.

Hence, there is a need to build a flexible workstation optimization solution using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). ‘SyncVDI’ is a platform, which helps to build various use-cases required by VDI.

‘SyncVDI’ – Remote Visualisation for CAD/CAE

It is a remote visualisation and management platform for CAD/CAE workloads running on the cloud or user’s office premises. It helps to utilize high-end workstations within R&D teams effectively and also helps to optimize budget and improve productivity.

Results SyncVDI solution to achieve the following objectives:

  1. It is observed from reports that the usage of workstations is typically under 50%. Thus, spending on workstations can be decreased by 50%.
  2. Due to the elastic nature of the solution, users can access workstations with the required configuration of their prerequisites.
  3. Administrators can monitor the use of users and workstations.
  4. With detailed reports, an organization can plan appropriately for budgets.

Hence, the organization needs an enterprise-class solution to optimize resources for workstations.

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