HPC Use Cases using ‘SyncHPC’

Complex computing plays a major task in today’s world and it needs a high-end computing system to complete the work within limited time. Organizations set up the required configuration of a High-Performance Computing (HPC) system at their premises and face the CAPEX and OPEX associated with it. On the another hand, Cloud HPC provides the same configuration on ‘On-Demand’, where the organization only needs to invest CAPEX.

‘SyncHPC’ by Syncious is a web-based Hybrid HPC Management Platform to perform any complex computing work either On-Premises or on Multi-Cloud HPC very effectively. Every organization chooses different architecture based on its technical and commercial needs. SyncHPC supports a variety of architectural use cases as described below.


  1. Cloud Burst (Hybrid HPC):

Many organizations already have an On-Premises HPC setup. But for various project needs, they cannot accommodate all of their workloads on their premises. In such cases, they go for a hybrid HPC scenario, where they burst extra workloads on cloud HPC.


  • R&D Centers of Automobile Industries
  • Engineering Services Providers
  1. Complete Cluster on Cloud:

Many new-age organizations do not want to invest in On-Premise setup due to challenges associated with operations. Also, HPC requirements are very dynamic and fluctuate continuously depending upon their projects. In such a scenario, Cloud HPC is the better solution to match their requirement.


  • New-age enterprises with a digital transformation strategy
  • Scientific Computations
  1. HPC-As-A-Service:

In recent times, there is a significant need to get HPC on demand. Due to this, the HPC eco-system is evolved to provide HPC-As-A-Service on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. With the SyncHPC platform, an organization can get technical capabilities to become an HPC-As-A-Service provider.


  • Engineering service providers

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